We are a coalition of community-based organizations and individuals working to address the dispairity of tobacco in our community.

  • Find ways to raise awareness about tobacco in your area.
  • Create a comfortable environment for your LGBT clients.
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LGBTQI Stop Tobacco On My People

The LGBTQI community in New Mexico smokes at approximately twice the rate of the general adult population. Therefore, we also experience twice as much tobaccorelated disease and death.

Unfortunately, only one-third of us are aware of the fact that our community uses so much more tobacco, and that we experience more negative health consequences.

Why Does Our Community Smoke at Such a High Rate?

According to the 2006 LGBT Pride Tobacco Survey, some possible explanations include:

  • Anger/Stress Management
  • Bar/Club Culture
  • Targeted Advertising by Tobacco Manufacturers
  • Inadequate Access to Health Care
  • Lack of LGBTQI-Specific Solutions
  • Attitudes of Defiance and Independence

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Click here to send the Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance, the organizers of Santa Fe Pride, a note of appreciation for the hard work and that you would appreciate their finding sponsors other than tobacco companies.


How the Tobacco Industry Encourages Our Addiction

  • Targeted Marketing
  • Sponsorship of Gay Events
  • Financial Support of Gay Magazines and Institutions
  • Appealing to our Brand Loyalty

Common Tobacco Myths in Our Community

  • Tobacco use is masculine or butch.
  • Tobacco use makes you sexy.
  • Tobacco use is an effective “social lubricant” at a bar.
  • Using tobacco demonstrates independence or rebellion.
  • Tobacco use is no big deal when compared with the specters of AIDS, antigay violence, breast cancer and discrimination.
  • Tobacco use is just part of being gay.

We’re Taking Action

  • Fighting the targeting of our community by tobacco industry advertising;
  • Raising awareness of the danger of smoking to our community through presentations, flyers, palm cards, magnets and ads;
  • Working with youth who are at the highest risk for smoking;
  • Sponsoring free LGBTQI-specific cessation sessions called “The Last Drag”;
  • Training prevention/cessation agencies to be responsive to LGBTQI needs;
  • Surveying members of our community to gain better data on the effects of smoking in our lives;
  • Working to eliminate tobacco company sponsorship of Gay Pride events;
  • Marching in Gay Pride parades around the state;
  • Advocating for smoke-free workplaces, homes and cars to protect our community; and
  • Distributing smoking cessation materials at LGBTQI events and meeting locations.

The Good News

  • Two thirds of us don’t smoke
  • Almost 9 in 10 believe that indoor work areas should be entirely smoke free
  • 82% of us who smoke are thinking about, planning to or trying to quit
  • 62% of us tried to quit for at least one day in the past year

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