Evolution of Statewide Effort, LGBTQI and Tobacco in New Mexico
What Happened? 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year (current)
Committee Recruit; bond as group Basically same group. Some new people, incl. Same group.
  (LGBT & allies).        tobacco dept in DoH.  
  Self-educate on issues.   Go from LGBT to LGBTQI.  
Strategic Planning Decide on approaches: Continue same, plus Same, plus start our Same, plus expand
  Counter-marketing & learn LBGT cessation own cessation.  Expand cessation, get more
  "get it on radar screen." best practice program. more to rural areas.   media, add advocacy
    Plan survey to get Conduct Palm Pilot survey & policy work.
    better LGBTQI data. at Pride to get good data. Hold press conference to
      Identify, work with allies. roll out better LGBT data.
Produce & Buy Materials Develop handouts, esp. More palm cards.   Palm cards, magnets, Few new items needed!
  palm cards; print and Create frig magnets. banner.  Develop our   
  distribute.  Get other Add banner for Pride. own Last Drag palm  
  items from Gay Amer. Get materials from Last cards & cessation  
  Smokeout. Drag & Mautner Proj. training materials.  
Reach Community Table @ Pride, 3 cities. Pride table & parade (3) Pride table & parade (3), Pride table & parade (3)
  Lesbian music festival. PFLAG meetings. & add Palm Pilot survey. Lesbian music concert.
  LGBT youth conference. Under 21 LGBT group. PFLAG meetings. Carol Channing event.
  Talk @ 3 AIDS orgs. Other locations/events. GSA/Safe Zone in Albq. Gay youth outreach.
      Start traveling/rural town. 2 youth conferences.
      Smoke-free gay bar event. More rural towns.
  Ad in Pride bk. (2 towns). Ad in Pride bk. (2 towns). Ad in Pride bk. (2 towns). Ad in Pride bk. (2 towns).
Cessation Program (none) Bring in Last Drag folks Start Last Drag NM. Expand Last Drag NM
    for training (from CA) Write "Rainbow Paper" program.  Get Rainbow
      for others working with Paper to Quit Line.
      our community.  
What Happened? 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year (current)
Capacity Building Committee of 10. Same, plus PFLAG got Got statewide equality Same folks.  More
    involved. organization involved as facilitators trained.
      umbrella org for cessation. More agency co-operat.
      Statewide PFLAG in- Gave mini-grant to MPower
      volved.  Other allies (gay AIDS prevention grp).
      cultivated in nat'l, state  
      health orgs (ALA, etc.)  
      Trained facilitators for  
      LGBTQI cessation.  
Resources STOMP grant with Same. Same. TUPAC helping now w/
  leadership from STOMP     ads.  Also EQNM PAC.
  director/founder.  1 part-      
  time coordinator.      
  Artists w/in group.      
  Good sense of humor.      
Relationship w/ state TUPAC representative 2 TUPAC representatives 2 representatives.  Logo 2 representatives plus
office (Tobacco Use, in group.  Strict review  in group.  Cooperation & most materials are TUPAC PIO assisting
Prevention & Control --  of all materials and ads and continued strict established; reviews as w/ publicity & press
TUPAC) w/ which STOMP we created; some were review of all materials. needed.  Very good events.  Reviews as
has contract thought "unreasonable."   cooperation. needed on new materials.
Key Factors Committee started w/ Built on previous year's More direct support from Plan for the year done
  knowledge & skills. sense of accomplishment TUPAC, esp. for starting early, providing sense of
  Leadership & funding and fun. cessation programs. where we are, what we
  from STOMP. Continuing funding & Passion of committee want to accomplish.
  Qualified part-time support from STOMP. members. Continuing support of
  coordinator. Continuity of leadership Doors opened through STOMP, TUPAC, allies.
  Had fun & laughed. plus new members. allies such as PFLAG.  
  Snacks provided.      
Obstacles and TUPAC was/is cautious Rural, large geographic Hard to find, reach youth. Planning for future funding.
Challenges about content (politics). area is challenge.    
STOMP = Stop Tobacco On My People.  Does tobacco disparities work, includinging funding for LGBTQI committee.
TUPAC = Tobacco Use Prevention & Control Dept. (in NM Dept.of Health).  Grants funds for projects like STOMP.
EQNM = Equality New Mexico, the statewide LGBTQI rights organization (501 c 3).  Also an EQNM PAC.
PFLAG = Parents & Friends, Family of Lesbians and Gays.  National organization w/ local chapters.
DoH = NM Dept. of Health
R.J. Dakota, 3.07