We are a coalition of community-based organizations and individuals working to address the dispairity of tobacco in our community.

  • Find ways to raise awareness about tobacco in your area.
  • Create a comfortable environment for your LGBT clients.
  • Find out what LGBTQI STOMP is doing next!


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Common Tobacco Myths in Our Community

  • Tobacco use is masculine or butch.
  • Tobacco use makes you sexy.
  • Tobacco use is an effective “social lubricant” at a bar.
  • Using tobacco demonstrates independence or rebellion.
  • Tobacco use is no big deal when compared with the specters of AIDS, antigay violence, breast cancer and discrimination.
  • Tobacco use is just part of being gay.

We’re Taking Action

  • Fighting the targeting of our community by tobacco industry advertising;
  • Raising awareness of the danger of smoking to our community through presentations, flyers, palm cards, magnets and ads;
  • Working with youth who are at the highest risk for smoking;
  • Sponsoring free LGBTQI-specific cessation sessions called “The Last Drag”;
  • Training prevention/cessation agencies to be responsive to LGBTQI needs;
  • Surveying members of our community to gain better data on the effects of smoking in our lives;
  • Working to eliminate tobacco company sponsorship of Gay Pride events;
  • Marching in Gay Pride parades around the state;
  • Advocating for smoke-free workplaces, homes and cars to protect our community; and
  • Distributing smoking cessation materials at LGBTQI events and meeting locations.

The Good News

  • Two thirds of us don’t smoke
  • Almost 9 in 10 believe that indoor work areas should be entirely smoke free
  • 82% of us who smoke are thinking about, planning to or trying to quit
  • 62% of us tried to quit for at least one day in the past year


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